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Brightening Toner -150ml


Advanced Skin Toner

This unique brightening toner formulation from DermaFix gently re-balances the skin and produces a brightening effect by inhibiting melanin synthesis. The brightening toner has natural herbal ingredients that, when applied, increase the skin’s resistance to stress, trauma and fatigue.

Our brightening toner contains extracts of Pomegranate and Raspberry that boosts collagen production and refines the skin collagen production and refines the skin.



For best results, use the brightening toner after after applying a DermaFix cleanser from the cleanser range. To apply, moisten a cotton pad with Brightening Toner and smooth over the face, neck and décolleté, twice daily. Follow with appropriate serum or moisturiser.


Key Ingredients

  • Pomegranate Extract
  • Raspberry Extract



The DermaFix Brightening Cleanser inhibits the formation of melanin in the skin and is an essential for the skin brightening process. Over and avove brightening of the skin, the brightening cleanser also prevents free radical damage and skin inflammation. In order to gain maximum benefits, it is advised that you apply the brightening toner according to the supplied directions.





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