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Calming Microfoam Cleanser – 100ml

Barrier recovery for all skin types

This creamy hypoallergenic cleanser transforms into delicate micro-bubbles, lifting impurities from deep within pores to gently purify the skin and remove excess oil and make-up. The skin is left feeling refreshed and calmed with a visibly more radiant complexion.


Cleanser Application

Pump Calming MicroFoam Cleanser into the palm of your hand. Apply using circular motions and leave on the skin as required. Rinse with tepid water, double cleanse if necessary. Follow with the appropriate
DermaFix Toner and Moisturiser.

Key Ingredients

  • Aloe Leaf Juice: produced startling results in replenishing lost moisture from the skin, whilst providing soothing and healing benefits.
  • Scots Pine Cone Extract: Improves sagging skin. Cucumber Extract: Reduces inflammation and redness within the skin, additionally offering anti-oxidant benefits.
  • Hemp Seed Oil: This nourishing oil helps to calm inflammation, whilst locking in moisture to plump and hydrate the skin.

Skin Types

All skin types


– Can be used over the eye area
– Improves skin sensitivity, reducing redness and reactivity
– Refresh and Purify the Skin
– Anti-Oxidant Protection




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