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LipFix – 15ml


Plump, Perfect and Protect the Lip Area

DermaFix LipFix is formulated with an active blend of Lip Perfecting and Plumping Technology. This formulation offers gradual lip plumping benefits whilst providing necessary skin hydration and protection.



Apply on and around the lip area as often as required. Use as a part of your skincare routine before applying make-up.


Key Ingredients


  • Cocoa Seed Butter offers skin healing benefit for dry and chapped lips
  • Mango Seed Butter contains Vitamin A and C providing anti-oxidant protection against environmental stressors. Rich in essential fatty acids, essential for skin nourishment and repair
  • Coconut Oil renowned for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, this key ingredient helps to improve skin healing benefits whilst boosting skin hydration
  • Brassica Alba Sprout Extract is a purified extract of organic mustard spouts, which increases lip volume




  • Plumping and nourishing




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